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My passion is to read... it can take you to magical places.. and we all need to believe in magic...

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Breaking the Storm - Sedona Venez

Cool and fun read... I do like the add of a fae blood mix... 

Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb
"It never paid..he strongly believed, to take a singe thing - the good, the bad , the mediocre - for granted."

Just a quick thought

The Tenth Life of Vicki Torres: A Court of Annwyn short story - Shona Husk


Solid Good Read.. I enjoyed the story...For a short it did get me interested in the world and series... So another series is found to put on my to read pile... (If only that was the only issue in life.. LOL)



The Solomon Effect - C.S. Graham

Reading progress update: I've read 35 out of 389 pages.

Just a quick thought

Night's Edge - Barbara Hambly, Maggie Shayne, Charlaine Harris

I like short stories .. It is a glimmer  of different worlds and I don't have to get sucked into a world void where I lose all sense of time or make the emotional commitment that my favorite series and authors deserve....It accomplished what i wanted so YEA!!!!

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Christmas Cuteness with Books
Christmas Cuteness with Books

Just Quick Thought

Trial by Fire - Margarita Gakis

Loved this Book.... as soon as I finished I had to get the second book in the series.. I think I just love snarkiness...  

Just Quick Thought

Cat Fight (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Shorts) - Zoe Winters

Fun and cute book...It makes me want to shift to a Kitty....and curl up someplace warm and soft and Purr  

So true :)

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A book which is left on a shelf . . .



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